The Southern Cross April 5th 1865
The ship Viola, Captain Mitchell, arrived in harbour yesterday morning from Glasgow, with a large cargo of general merchandise and 340 Government immigrants. She is consigned to Mr. Walter Grahame. The Viola took her departure on the 8th December, and was detained in the chops of the Channel for ten days. Experienced very light N.E. and S.E. trades. Crossed the equator on the 16th January, in 20'30 W. longitude, and rounded the meridian of the Cape of Good Hope on the 17th February in 40' S. latitude. Ran her easting down between the parallels of 42' and 47' S., with moderate weather, passing to the southward of Tasmania. Rounded the North Cape of New Zealand on the 27th March, and encountered heavy S.E. gales for three days. Since then fine weather has prevailed. No vessels connected with the colonies were sighted during the voyage. There have been eight births, and twelve deaths, of which the following is a list:-
December 11.- Jane Nicoll, aged 14 months, of bronchitis.
December 24.- James Bain, aged 1 month, of debility and coma.
December 31.-Thomas Clarkson, aged 6 months, of hydrocephalus.
February 11.- David Clarkson, aged 2 years, of menengitis.
February 16.- James McDonald, aged 24 years, of dysentery.
February 25.- Charles S. McPherson, aged 17 months, of whoopingcough.
March 14.- James McCormick, aged 2 years, of bronchitis.
March 16.- Edward O'Hagan, aged 8 months, whoopingcough.
March 17.- Amelia Campbell, aged 16 months, whoopingcough.
March 23.- Daniel Moor, aged 3 years, bronchitis.
March 29.- James Hamilton, aged 2 years, bronchitis and convulsions.
April 3.- Hugh Harbour, aged 1 1/2 years, whoopingcough and bronchitis.

Rev; J. Cumming, John and William Horrie, William and Mary Dunlop, John, Agnes, David, Jane and Cash Croll; Daniel, Janet, Marion, John, Peter, Finlay, Daniel and Janet McIntyre; David, Janet, George, and David Garvie; William, Elizabeth, Dorothy, and Agnes Thomson; Hugh, Elizabeth, Robert, and Hugh Harbour; Thomas, Ann, and Ann Kerr; Ralph Wilson; William, Janet, and Mary Kerr; Alexander, David, and Janet Wright; Margaret, Mathew, James Anderson; Andrew, Elizabeth, Robert, Elizabeth, and Andrew Lindsay; James, Mary, and James Owen; Peter and Elizabeth Malcom; Alexander McNeill; John Ross; Chas. McPherson; James, Elizabeth, and William Trail; Wm., Mary, John, and Jean Lawrie; John Crosbie; John Welsh; Edward, Mary, Edward, and Catherine Welch; John and Margaret Colquham;- James Grahame; Robert, Sarah Jane and Sarah Jane McKie; Sophia Jarvis; David and Janet Matheson; Archibald McGarvan; John and Agnes Wilson; George and Grace Raine; Wm., Ann, John, and George Walker; Anthony, Jane, Catherine, and Jane Murray; Daniel, Mary, Daniel, and John Moore; Samuel and Margaret Laird; James Couper; John Muir; James and Charlotte Cochrane; Boyd Jamieson; Hugh, Catherine, Ann, and Mary McKenzie; Matthew, Jane, Matthew, and Sarah Wallace; Andrew, Catherine, Eliza, Alexander, and William McLean; Richard Watson; Richard, Elizabeth, Jessie and Wm., Watson; Wm., and Mary Moore; John Lemon; Joseph Campbell; Thos. and Sarah Jervis; Thos. and Cath. Patterson; Thomas, Mary, John, Daniel, Thomas, Marian, and David Shaw; John Shaw; David, Janet, David, Janet, Charles and Thomas Shaw; Robert, Rachael, and Rachael McPherson; William Flynn, John Grace; Thomas, Johanna, and Catherine Paton; Wm. and Isabella Anderson; Isabella and Hugh Rorke; Wm. McPeake; John, Bridget, Isaac, and Edward O'Hagan; Thomas Calderhead; Janet, James, John, Charles and Jessie Connelly; Archibald, Flora, Catherine, Mary, Janet, John, Flora, Donald, and Neil McDonald; Duncan, and James McDonald; John McDougall; James, Mary and Thos. Jones; Hugh McDonald; Nelson, Ellen, James, David, and Nelson Ireland; James, Ellen, and John McGuire; Francis, Bridget John, Thomas, Annie, and James Mulgrew; Harry Mulgrew; Sam, Reid, Lee, Jane, William, James, Mary, Robert, and Leo McKlinty; William, Ellen, Isabella, and David Clarkson; John, Janet, David, and Thomas Clarkson; George and Janet Clarkson; Andrew, Mary Ann, and James Hamilton; Michael and Mary McNeill; George Fraser, Donald Campbell; John Christmas; Elizabeth, Catherine, Donald, Ann and Duncan McDonald; William and Mary Blair; John, Mary, Elizabeth, James, and Mary McCormick; Elizabeth, Mary, and Janet ??????; Robert, Martha, Margaret, Robert, and Janet McCrae; John McCrae; Solomon Black; Archibald and Margaret McKay; Thomas, Margaret, Thomas and John Stewart; Hugh, Elizabeth and Mary McLeod; Thomas, Ann, Alexander, Thomas, Hugh, and Jane Campbell; James, Jessie, Margaret, and John Walker; Joseph, Margaret and William Dunn; James, Elizabeth, John, Catherine, Jane and Alexander McKenzie; Alexander, Amelia, Mary and Amelia Campbell; David, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Barbara and Margaret Wright; Charles, Margaret, John, Margaret, Jessie, Mary Ann, William and Alexander Fleming; Charles and Christina Davidson; William Brown; William, Sarah and William Veitch; Mary Twigley; Muir Veitch; Francis and Jane Edington; James, Ann, and James Rattray; Alexander and Margaret McDonald; John, Agnes, Martha, and Jane Niccol; David, Agnes, Margaret, Ann, and Janet McBride; James, Mary, Mary, James, Elizabeth and Johanna Rhinn; Alexander Shand; James Watson; William, Isabella, Elizabeth and Isabella Ross; Thomas Cunningham; William Chisholm; John and Margaret Watson; Peter and Margaret Mackay; E and Mary Jane McMurray; Alexander Matheson; James Curran; Edward Rogerson; Alexander Thomson; Richard McGhee; David Bothwick; Thomas, Martha, Thomas, Jane, Martha, and William Neilly; James Davidson; David, Jane, and Jane Murray; James and Agnes Fleming; Alexander, Archibald, Sarah, and Duncan Livingstone; Robert English; John, Helen, James and William Carmichael; William Fulton, Clark and Catherine Smith; Henry Kennedy; John Dicks; John Brown; Donald McIntyre; Jmaes, Elizabeth and Thomas McCall; John, Elizabeth, Nathaniel and James Cameron; Allan McDonald; A Wishart; James Stevenson; James Ramsay; John White; Robert Wiseman; Joseph Baine; James McIntyre.

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