4th Annual Black Web Awards


Best Actor Site - http://www.tylerperry.com

Best Actress Site - http://www.tyrabanks.com

Best African Music Site - http://www.nigerianwebradio.com

Best African News Site - http://www.thisdayonline.com

Best Artwork, Graphics and Website Design - http://www.ricardomcrae.com

Best Black Photography Site - http://www.wilsphotos.com

Best Author Site - http://www.baronseries.com

Best Online Book Store - http://www.agoodbook.biz

Best Black Europe Site - http://www.blackwomenineurope.com

Best Black Models Site - http://www.modelsvoice.com

Best Black Movie Site - http://www.izognmovies.com

Best Black Nationalism Site - http://www.whattheproblemis.com

Best Black Online Shopping Mall - http://www.aaconnection.com

Best Black Salon or Style Site - http://www.renice.com & http://www.dollhousestyling.com

Best Black Wedding Site - http://www.forblackweddings.com

Best Black Search Engine or Site Directory - http://www.izania.com

Best Black Blog Directory - http://www.afrospear.com

Best Blog - Male - http://www.verysmartbrothas.com

Best Blog - Female - http://www.whataboutourdaughters.com

Most Original Blog - http://www.sowhatcanido.blogspot.com

Best Caribbean Music Site - http://www.unitedreggae.com

Best Clothing Store - http://www.uniteedesign.com

Best Community Site - http://www.izania.com

Best Dating Site - http://www.ebonysoulsingles.com

Best Entertainment Site - http://www.theurbandaily.com

Best Online Magazine - http://www.hellobeautiful.com

Best Traditional Magazine - http://www.essence.com

Best Gifts Site - http://www.blackexpressions.com

Best Gossip Blog or Site - http://www.mediatakeout.com


Best Hip Hop Site - http://www.allhiphop.com

Best Internet Radio Station – http://www.rhythmflowradio.com

Best Job Training and Placement Site - http://www.thecareerengineers.com

Best Lecturer, Speaker or Workshop Site - http://www.baronseries.com

Best Lifestyle & Entertainment E-Zine (online magazine) - http://www.hellobeautiful.com

Best Local / Community Site – East USA - http://www.delawareblack.com

Best Local / Community Site – West USA - http://www.blackdiego.com

Best Networking Site - http://www.izania.com

Best News Directory Site - http://www.reddingnewsreview.com

Best News Site - http://www.newsone.com

Best Non-Profit Organization - Local - http://www.womenprayingforchrist.com

Best Non-Profit Organization – National - http://www.jamalbryant.org

Best Online Accessories or Jewelry Store - http://www.africreations.com

Best Relationship Advice Site - http://www.askheartbeat.com

Best Site for Black Athletes - http://www.blackathlete.com

Best Site for Brothas - http://www.blackmeninamerica.com

Best Site for Crafts, Décor & Creative Living - http://www.culturedexpressions.com

Best Site for Families - http://www.blackparentconnect.com

Best Site for Hair Care - http://www.nappturality.com

Best Site for Self Improvement - http://www.oraintl.org

Best Site for Sistahs - http://www.sisterhoodagenda.com

Best Site for Spoken Word - http://www.blackpoetry.com

Best Site for Travel Information - http://www.soulofamerica.com

Best Site for Youth and Young Adults - http://www.urbangirlz.com

Best Site to Promote an Event or Business - http://www.izania.com

Best Site Representing a Nation - http://www.jis.gov.jm (Jamaica)

Best Small Business Site – http://www.culturedexpressions.com

Best Talk Show Host Site - http://www.michaelbaisden.com

Best Testimony Site - http://www.oraintl.org

Best Traditional Black Press or Newspaper Site - http://www.chicagodefender.com

Most Important African Site - http://www.africafortheafricans.com

Most Important Site for Black America - http://www.blackplanet.com

Most Original Site - http://www.mamasonbedrest.com & http://www.blackexpat.com

Best Black Podcast Directory – http://www.nbbtaradio.com

Best Black Video Site - http://www.tvoneonline.com

Best Theater Site – Local - http://www.takewingandsoar.com

Best Theater Site – National - http://www.alvinailey.org